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NBC Universal (80% owned by General Electric, 20% owned by Vivendi Universal of France),

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Television networks: NBC Networks, Telemundo.

NBC Entertainment, NBC News, NBC Sports, NBC Television,

27 Television stations in 23 markets, with 6 duopolies, owned under the NBC Universal division. These include NBC affiliates, Telemundo affiliates, and one independent. (A current list resides here)

NBC Stations:

· WNBC (NBC4 New York)*

· KNBC (NBC4 Los Angeles)*

· WMAQ (NBC5 Chicago)*

· WCAU (NBC10 Philadelphia)

· KNTV (NBC3 San Jose/
San Francisco)*

· KXAS (NBC5 Dallas/
Fort Worth)*

· WRC (NBC4 Washington)

· WTVJ (NBC6 Miami)*

· KNSD (NBC7/39 San Diego)

· WVIT (NBC30 Hartford)

Telemundo Stations:

· KVEA (Los Angeles)*

· WNJU (New York)*

· WSCV (Miami)*

· KTMD (Houston)

· WSNS (Chicago)*

· KXTX (Dallas/Fort Worth)*

· KVDA (San Antonio)

· KBLR (Las Vegas)

· KSTS (San Jose/San Francisco)*

· KTAZ (Phoenix)

· KNSO (Fresno)

· KDEN (Denver)

· KMAS (Denver)

· WNEU (Boston/Merrimack)

· KHRR (Tucson)

· WKAQ (Puerto Rico)

Independent Stations:

· KWHY (Los Angeles)*

* Duopoly markets

USA Cable Channels:

A&E/History Channel/Biography Channel --(part) A&E is a joint venture of the Hearst Corporation (37.5% ownership), The Walt Disney Company (37.5%), and NBC Universal (25%). The network is a result of a merger in 1984 between a service called ARTS, the Alpha Repertory Television Service, launched in 1981 by Hearst/ABC Video Services, and The Entertainment Channel, started by NBC in 1982,

CNBC (Arabia, India, Asia, Europe),

MSNBC (82% NBC, 18% Microsoft)



Sci Fi Channel,

Sundance Channel (part),

Trio, Telemundo,


Universal HD,

Weather Plus
Oxygen (bought 10/2007)

Production and distribution companies:

NBC Universal Television Studio, NBC Universal Television Distribution.

International Channels:

13eme Rue (France), 13th Street (Germany), Calle 13 (Spain), Sci Fi Channel UK, Studio Universal (Germany), Studio Universal (Italy), Universal Channel (Latin America), CNBC Asia, and CNBC Europe.


Production: NBC Universal (80% ownership): Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Rogue Pictures. Universal has production agreements with Imagine Entertainment, Jersey Films, Tribeca Films, Shady Acres, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Playtone Company, Strike Entertainment, Type A Films, Depth of Field, Stephen Sommers and Working Title Films (Europe)

Home video Distribution:

Universal Studios Home Entertainment.


SciFi Magazine

INTERNET:,,, iVillage,,, and


Universal Studios Theme Parks and Resorts (Orlando, FL; Hollywood, CA; Costa Durada, Spain; Universal City, Japan

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